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Hubot Nextbus (Nashville)

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This Hubot package is a Nashville, Tennessee MTA bus tracker. You provide an API key and a latitude and longitude for it to obtain the next expect bus to a particular set of nearby stops.

Getting Started

The first step is to get an API key for this service. As it is currently in a private beta, you'll have to ask the creator nicely. He's a swell guy.


In your hubot repository, run:

npm install hubot-nextbus --save

Then add hubot-nextbus to your external-scripts.json:



Environment Variable Optional Description
HUBOT_NEXTBUS_API_KEY No Key provided by API creator. See note above.
HUBOT_NEXTBUS_LAT_LON No Default location for hubot nextbus, separated by a comma. (e.g. 36.1629191,-86.7813481)


hubot nextbus

Returns the next bus for the nearest stop.

user> hubot nextbus
hubot> Next bus arrives to 5TH AVE N & THE ARCADE NB at 9:45:38 pm (#61 - GULCH - GREEN CIRCUIT)

hubot nextbus stops

Get the list of stops nearby your configured latitude and longitude.

user> hubot nextbus stops
hubot> List of nearby stops:
hubot> - 6AVCHUSN - 6TH AVE N & CHURCH ST SB / (Served by: #3 - WHITE BRIDGE, [...])
hubot> - 5AUNISM - 5TH AVE & THE ARCADE SB / (Served by: #1 - 100 OAKS MALL)
hubot> - 5AVCHUNM - 5TH AVE N & THE ARCADE NB / (Served by: #1 - DOWNTOWN, [...])
hubot> - 5AVCHUNN - 5TH AVE N & CHURCH ST NB / (Served by: #1 - DOWNTOWN, [...])
hubot> - UNI6AWN - UNION ST & 6TH AVE N WB / (Served by: #33 - DOWNTOWN, [...])

hubot nextbus stop <stop id>

Returns the next bus for a given stop ID.

user> hubot nextbus stop 5AVCHUNM
hubot> Next bus arrives to 5TH AVE N & THE ARCADE NB at 9:45:38 pm (#61 - GULCH - GREEN CIRCUIT)


npm i hubot-nextbus

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