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A simple hubot script to store your team's mood and get some metrics about it.


You have of course to get a working installation of hubot first.

Add hubot-mood to the package.json of your hubot setup, then npm install it.

Storage is done through redis. You have to set the redis url into the HUBOT_MOOD_REDIS_URL env var, eg.:

export HUBOT_MOOD_REDIS_URL=redis://

Last, link the mood.js bot script into your own scripts folder:

ln -sf ../node_modules/hubot-mood/scripts/mood.js scripts/mood.js

By default, it will try to use redis://localhost:6379.


The bot will respond to several commands:

mood set "<sunny|cloudy|rainy|stormy>" (optional info)
mood of|for <(nickname)|me>
mood today
mood yesterday
mood week of|for <(nickname)|me>
mood month of|for <(nickname)|me>

Demo (purely fictional, if you asked):

<NiKo`> scopybot: mood set sunny Let the Sunshine In
<scopybot> Recorded entry: Today, NiKo` is in a sunny mood ☀ (Let the Sunshine In)
<NiKo`> scopybot: mood today
<scopybot> Today's moods:
<scopybot> - Today, NiKo` is in a sunny mood ☀ (Let the Sunshine In)
<scopybot> - Today, pointbar is in a sunny mood ☀
<scopybot> - Today, vinyll is in a sunny mood ☀
<scopybot> - Today, david`bgk is in a sunny mood ☀
<NiKo`> scopybot: mood yesterday
<scopybot> Yesterday's moods:
<scopybot> - Yesterday, NiKo` was in a cloudy mood ☁
<scopybot> - Yesterday, pointbar was in a sunny mood ☁
<scopybot> - Yesterday, vinyll was in a sunny mood ☀
<scopybot> - Yesterday, david`bgk was in a sunny mood ☀
<NiKo`> scopybot: mood week of NiKo`
<NiKo`> scopybot: mood month of NiKo`

Note: your client must support unicode and be configured accordingly in order to see the fancy pictograms.

To play around with the commands, just run the hubot command at the root of the repository:

$ hubot
Hubot> hubot mood set unhappy
Hubot> Error: Invalid mood unhappy; valid values are sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy
Hubot> hubot mood set sunny Let the Sunshine In
Recorded entry: Today, Shell is in a sunny mood ☀ (Let the Sunshine In)

Note: yes, Shell is your username by default when testing locally. I have no idea how to prevent this.


Install mocha and async, then run the suite from the root of the repository by running the mocha command.

Note: Testing requires a live redis server instance running on redis://localhost:6379. Don't worry, it won't erase your data.


Because sharing our mood is informative and ease collaboration.