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Let Michael Scott interject during your most important business conversations

See src/ for full documentation.


In hubot project repo, run:

npm install hubot-michaelscott --save

Then add hubot-michaelscott to your external-scripts.json:


New GIF Integrations!

Just ask your hubot gif me michaelscott <query> and it'll return you a nice GIF from the awesome folks at Giphy


Ask your hubot for an inspirational quote: "hubot inspire me michaelscott"

Ask your hubot for a classic Office gif: "hubot gif me michaelscott "

Sample Interaction

user1>> that deal we just closed was huge!
hubot>> That's what she said
user2>> inspire me michaelscott
hubot>> You know what they say. Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice… strike three
user3>> gif me michaelscott idiot