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A Hubot adapter for Facebook Messenger Platform (Bots) with zero external dependencies.

The most simple, and elegant Facebook Messenger Platform adapter for Hubot.

This is built for the latest Facebook Messenger Platform (Beta) with bots announced at F8 2016 (Code to Connect). It leverages on the platform's Send / Receive API. It is tested, and ready-to-use. This repository is NOT affiliated with Facebook.

This adapter currently supports:

  • Token validation
  • Basic sending / receiving
  • Resolving user IDs to their full names
  • Tracking user ID, message ID, recipient ID (page)
  • Auto-truncating long messages

320 characters limit

At the time of writing, the Send API only allows up to 320 characters. We strongly recommend using a plugin like hubot-longtext to gracefully handle long messages.

See src/ for full documentation.

Getting Started

Refer to Getting Started - Messenger Platform, and Complete Guide - Messenger Platform for more information.

The callback URL is http://your-bot-address:8080/webhook/.

You can test your bot locally using ngrok. Run ./ngrok http 8080, and it should return a HTTPS forwarding URL (be sure to append /webhook/ to it).

The adapter requires your verification token, and access token to function. You can set them via environment variables. Refer to Configuration for more information.

Installation via NPM

npm install --save hubot-messenger-bot-adapter

Now, run Hubot with the messenger-bot-adapter adapter:

DEBUG=hubot-messenger-bot-adapter ./bin/hubot -a messenger-bot-adapter


Variable Default Description
MESSENGER_VERIFY_TOKEN N/A Your bot's verification token. You can obtain one when you create a web hook to receive events for a specific page.


npm i hubot-messenger-bot-adapter

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