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What is it?

A Hubot script for controlling Minecraft servers over RCON.


  1. Install this module into an existing Hubot:

    % npm i -S hubot-mcrcon

  2. List this module in your Hubot's external-scripts.json. e.g.:


Set up

Your Minecraft must have RCON enabled and be reachable from the Hubot server hosting this script.

The following environment variables must be set to properly start up:

# minecraft host or ip
% export
# minecraft rcon port
% export HUBOT_MCRCON_PORT=25575
# minecraft rcon password
% export HUBOT_MCRCON_PASS=********
# mention_name of a user allowed to execute minecraft op commands


  • Support multiple Minecraft servers per Hubot
  • Map XMPP usernames to Minecraft usernames for 'say'
  • Grant XMPP users op command privileges