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A hubot script to interact with the Joyent Image API (IMGAPI) via or your own URL. Also periodially checks the API for new images and lets you know.



You can set HUBOT_IMAGES_URL to an alternate URL. If not set, the default is Don't forget the trailing slash :-)


Set HUBOT_IMAGES_CHECK_INTERVAL (in minutes) to change how often Hubot IMGAPI will check for new images. If not set, the default is 60 minutes.


  1. Edit package.json and add hubot-imgapi as a dependency.
  2. Add "hubot-imgapi" to your external-scripts.json file.
  3. Add "" to your hubot-scripts.json file if it's not already there -- it uses the brain for storage.
  4. npm install
  5. Reboot Hubot


img-get <uuid> # Shows information for the given image UUID
img-search <word> # Shows images with a name matching <word>.
img-newest # Shows the newest image added to the API
img-oldest # Shows the oldest image added to the API
img-check start # Start the periodic check for new images
img-check stop # Stop the periodic check for new images


Hubot IMGAPI is licensed under the MIT license.