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    Integrates with gitlab and generates some measures of progress.


    • underscore
    • gitlab-api


    • GITLAB_RECORD_LIMIT (default: 20);
    • GITLAB_URL: required
    • GITLAB_TOKEN: required


    Since this uses gitlab api, using a token, the same permissions are applied to the owner of that token.

    And, since you can only specify a single api token, be careful about what level of permissions you do publish.

    Commands available

    hubot gitlab search p

    Searches gitlab for a project with name term

    hubot gitlab search projects

    Searches gitlab for a project with name term

    hubot gitlab list projects [all]

    hubot gitlab list p [all]

    List gitlab projects. Order is by usage of projects in gitlab. If you specify the all modifier, it will list ALL of the projects.

    It may take a while!

    hubot gitlab list milestones <project_id> [all|opened|closed]

    hubot gitlab list m <project_id> [all|opened|closed]

    List milestones for a specific project. if you specify a modifier, it will be applied.

    caveat: opened and closed modifiers are not implemented yet.

    hubot gitlab list issues <project_id>

    hubot gitlab list i <project_id>

    List the issues for a project.

    hubot gitlab progress <project_id> <milestone_id>

    Generates a simple metric of progress by checking your gitlab opened and closed issues on that specific milestone.

    You can specify a weight (effort, actually) for each issue. Inside the description you can place


    Where x is an integer.

    If specified, it will be taken into account. if not the default effort is 1.

    This will tell you:

    • total effort;
    • open effort;
    • closed effort;
    • remaining effort;
    • open percentage;
    • closed percentage;


    • make it possible to open and close sprints;
    • add measures with progress to sprints;
    • generate burndown charts;

    How to contribute

    • Automated tests;
    • Tests;
    • Ideas;
    • Etc;


    npm i hubot-gitlab-agile

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