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Let hubot fetch info about the GitHub Pages site for a repo.


Go to your hubot and run:

npm install --save hubot-github-pages

Commit the changes to your package.json and push up to Heroku!


hubot-github-pages leans on githubot, which offers a few configuration options:

  • HUBOT_GITHUB_USER (required) - The GitHub username Hubot should use to authenticate with the API.
  • HUBOT_GITHUB_TOKEN (required) - The token used to authenticate against the GitHub API.
  • HUBOT_GITHUB_REPO (optional) - The default repo about which to ask questions.
  • HUBOT_GITHUB_API (optional) - The URL of the GitHub API, with no trailing slash.


Once hubot-github-pages is installed on your hubot, ask it things! The repo is optional if HUBOT_GITHUB_REPO is set, otherwise you need it.

# Generally:
hubot pages <command> [repo] # fetch <command> about [repo]
# Specifically:
hubot pages info [repo] # fetch all info about repo (default: HUBOT_GITHUB_REPO)
hubot pages cname # fetch cname of the site
hubot pages latest # fetch latest build
hubot pages builds # fetch
# ... etc

The allowed commands are as follows:

  1. info - all the info
  2. status - the status of the site
  3. cname - the cname of the site
  4. custom_404 - whether the site has a custom 404 page
  5. builds - the latest 30 builds
  6. latest the latest build