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A Hubot plugin for alerts in your chat for GitHub issue labels.

Basic setup

  • npm install hubot-github-issue-label-notifier --save
  • Add the script to your Hubot using external-scripts.json.
  • Set the HUBOT_GITHUB_NOTIFIER_SECRET environment variable to a secret key. Choose something secure!
  • Optionally: Set a HUBOT_GITHUB_NOTIFIER_LABEL_FILTER environment variable with a filter for issues. Without a filter, all labels are used. Multiple values are comma separated.

GitHub webhook setup

You'll want to setup a GitHub webhook to point to this script. Here's the basics:

  • Payload URL: (update and specific-chat-room for your environment).
  • Choose application/json as the Content type.
  • You'll need to specify the same secret as your HUBOT_GITHUB_NOTIFIER_SECRET environment variable.
  • Make sure it's not set to push events only -- everything or Issues are sufficient.

GitHub enables you to replay Recent Deliveries using a web browser, which can be handy if you're debugging.


Have an idea? Let's talk about it in an issue!

Find a bug? Open an issue or submit a pull request. For code contributions, please submit a test or tests if possible. Tests are ran with npm test.


Update the version in package.json and create a matching release on GitHub (please follow the tag pattern as the other releases). The new release is published automatically to npm as hubot-github-issue-label-notifier by Travis CI when tags are applied.


MIT © Ritter Insurance Marketing

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