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Hubot Foursquare / Swarm Locator

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Get last checkin of your bot's friends

How to Set Up the Bot User

  1. Register a Foursquare application to obtain your FOURSQUARE_CLIENT_ID and FOURSQUARE_CLIENT_SECRET
  2. Authenticate either your personal foursquare account or a purpose-specific user that acts as your bot
  3. Manually walk through the OAuth process to obtain a FOURSQUARE_ACCESS_TOKEN (this can be tricky)

When you have all three values, load them as environment variables for launching your Hubot. If you are installing via Heroku, you would enter:

$ heroku set:config FOURSQUARE_CLIENT_ID=yourclientid
$ heroku set:config FOURSQUARE_CLIENT_SECRET=yourclientsecret
$ heroku set:config FOURSQUARE_ACCESS_TOKEN=youraccesstoken

If you are using some other hosting/launcher, make sure the variables above are loaded in appropriately.

Adding Module to Your Hubot

See full instructions here.

  1. npm install hubot-foursquare-locator --save (updates your package.json file)
  2. Open the external-scripts.json file in the root directory (you may need to create this file) and add an entry to the array (e.g. [ 'hubot-foursquare-locator' ]).


Get All Recent Checkins

  • hubot foursquare
  • hubot where is everyone?
  • A list of all recent checkins appears

Find Last Checkins

  • hubot where is bob?
  • Bob's last checkin (if a friend) appears
  • If there is more than one Bob in your friend list, you will see all of them

Map Usernames to Foursquare User IDs

  • Look up your foursquare numeric ID
  • hubot foursquare me as 12345
  • Your screen name is now mapped to a numeric ID so that where is myusername? works as well.
  • This works for mapping other room users as well (hubot foursquare otherusername as 98765)

Approve New Friends

  • Users add the bot as a friend
  • hubot foursquare approve
  • All pending friend requests are approved

List Friends

  • hubot foursquare friends
  • See a list of authenticated bot's friends

Get Registration Information

  • hubot foursquare register
  • Identifies the account that other users should add as a friend

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