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Make Hubot announce when a user enters or exits a chat room

Hubot Drama Queen

Announce message when user enters|joins the chat room

hubot drama set <join|leave> of <room> to <message>

Cancel the announcement for the chat room

hubot drama clear <join|leave> of <room>

List the rooms the user has messages for

hubot drama list all

List all the messages for the chat *room

hubot drama list <room>


curl|wget to your hubot installation's scripts folder.


In your deployed hubot directory:

npm i --save hubot-drama-queen
ln -s node_modules/hubot-drama-queen/src/scripts/ node_modules/hubot-scripts/src/scripts/

And add to your hubot-scripts.json file.

npm i -d
make test #single test run
make test-pretty #single spec style run
make test-watch #continuous minimal run
make test-pretty-watch #continuous spec style run