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Hubot Codinglove script

A little script to get meme from the coding love and les joies du code, both the last and a random one.

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Returns the comment and the gif in all cases.

The coding love

  • robot [give me some] joy [asshole]: return a random
  • robot [spread some] love: return a random
  • robot last joy: return the last one
  • robot last love: return the last one

Les joies du code [fr]

  • robot [donne moi de la] joie [bordel]: return a random
  • robot {dernière|derniere} joie: return the last one



Add the package hubot-codinglove as a dependency in your Hubot package.json file.

"dependencies": {
  "hubot-codinglove": "0.2.6"

Run the following command to make sure the module is installed.

$ npm install hubot-codinglove

To enable the script, add the hubot-codinglove entry to the external-scripts.json file (you may need to create this file).