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Hubot Cloud Foundry helpers

Adds a number of (hopefully) helpful Cloud Foundry-related status commands to hubot


Return Cloud Foundry Core information about the specified API endpoint

hubot cf-core <API endpoint>        

Return information about the status of (via the Status blog)

hubot cf-status

Return the most recent tweet from the @cloudfoundry Twitter account

hubot cf-tweet

(more commands coming soon)


npm module method

In your deployed hubot directory:

npm install hubot-cf

Add an entry for hubot-cf to the external-scripts.json file (you may need to create this file, if it is not present):


Add dependencies to your hubot package.json file (check the scripts for the ones required).

Run hubot as normal, and the scripts should become available.


Apache 2:


Love it/hate it/ideas?

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