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Porting all of the commands from that Hubot doesn't have.

Ported Commands

  • pivot
  • curse

Commands TODO

These haven't been ported yet, but hopefully will soon. Might need to come up with different names to avoid collisions with Hubot.

  • answer (Yahoo! Answers)
  • archive
  • curl
  • eat (foodspotting, although Hubot has yelp)
  • eyebleach
  • kayne
  • lyrics (Hubot has one based on wikia, Botriot's is based on musixmatch)
  • movie (Hubot has imdb, Botriot has rotten tomatoes)
  • personality (Hubot has some, but missing these)
    • "I have no idea what I'm doing" dogs
    • The various "siri" responses
  • play (play a song sample from iTunes)
  • rage (Hubot has some, but maybe Botriot's is better)
  • relate (Hubot has wordnik / urban dictionary, but not "related" support for either)
  • tumblr (Hubot one is hardcoded to a specific blog)
  • twss
  • youtube

Non-ported Commands