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A Hubot script to open / close ports on security groups automatically in AWS based on a user's presence.

If you regularly open ports in security groups in AWS to your current IP, this is the tool for you. When Hubot sees you sign in, it will send you a picture. When it's loaded in your chat client (if you're using Adium, you'll need to install the Adinline plugin) Hubot is able to get your IP, and then open the security group(s) to you.


Assuming you've installed Hubot and have an instance already running, the steps are simple. Just add "hubot-aws-sesame" to both your dependencies list in Hubot's package.json file as well as the external-scripts.json file. Then run:

npm install



HUBOT_AWS_SEC_RULES should contain the security group(s) that should have access enabled and the port range(s) that should be opened within them. It should be of the form (spaces are ignored):

<sec group id>: <port start>[ - <port end>][, <port start> - <port end>];

For instance, each of the following would work:

  • sg-123: 22
  • sg-123: 20 - 222
  • sg-123: 22; sg-456: 1-1600
  • sg-123: 10 - 20; sg-456: 30

HUBOT_ROOT_URL should be the root URL of an internet visible host. This is necessary so that a message can be sent to the client containing a link to this bot's Hubot web server. For instance, the following are valid values:


hubot show firewall - Show all users who currently have access to AWS