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Node.js HTTP Port Guard

Wrap a server "start" function in asynchronous checks for port availability. Fail if the port is already in use prior to function execution or if the port does not become utilized after execution.

The only reliable way to determine if a server process has started successfully is to poll the port it has been assigned. If this port is already in use*, the child process will fail to start, but the current process will consider the operation a success. This invalidates the kill function created by this module and will likely lead to errors during test cleanup.

* This condition will most commonly be caused by a zombie server instance erroneously created in some prior test run.


This module exposes a single function that accepts two arguments: the desired port and a function that is expected to bind to that port (the actual binding may take place in another process). This function should return a kill callback function that kills the server

var portGuard = require('http-port-guard');
portGuard(8000, function() {
  var app = startMyApp();
  return app.destroy;
}).then(function(kill) {
  console.log('Application is now available on port 8000!');
  console.log('Now destroying application.');

If the second argument is an object, it will be interpreted as an "options" object, and the following properties will be honored:

  • host - {string} - Host name of the server to poll. Defaults to 'localhost'
  • retryPeriod - {string} - number of milliseconds to wait between port polling operations; defaults to 100
  • retryCount - {string} - number of polling failures to tolerate before considering the operation a failure; defaults to 100
  • Promise - {Function} - Promise A/+ constructor; defaults to globally-defined Promise

The function resutns a Promise that is rejected if the port is already in use or if requests to the specified port fail after startup. It is resolved with the kill callback function provided by startFn.


Copyright (c) 2015 Mike Pennisi
Licensed under the MIT license.




npm i http-port-guard

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