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A simple and lightweight library for creating a JSON-RPC 2.0 compliant HTTP server.

This package complies with the JSON-RPC 2.0 and JSON-RPC 2.0 Transport: HTTP specifications.


To install http-jsonrpc-server in the current directory, run:

npm install http-jsonrpc-server --save


Below is code to create a server with two exposed methods and begin listening on a given port.

const RpcServer = require('http-jsonrpc-server');
function sum(arr) {
  let total = 0;
  for (let n = 0; n < arr.length; n += 1) {
    total += arr[n];
  return total;
async function wait(params) {
  return new Promise((resolve) => {
    setTimeout(() => {
const rpcServer = new RpcServer({
  methods: {
rpcServer.setMethod('sum', sum);
rpcServer.setMethod('wait', wait);
rpcServer.listen(9090, '').then(() => {
  console.log('server is listening at');

Specifying a Path

const rpcServer = new RpcServer({
  path: '/api'
rpcServer.listen(9090, '').then(() => {
  console.log('server is listening at');

Optional Callbacks

onServerError will be called if the server emits an error. onRequest, and onRequestError, and onResult will be called each time a method is called, throws an error, or returns a result respectively.

const rpcServer = new RpcServer({
  onRequest: (request) => {
    // sample output: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"method":"sum","params":[1,2,3]}
  onRequestError = (err, id) => {
    console.error('request ' + id + ' threw an error: ' + err);
  onResult = (result, id) => {
    console.log(result); // sample output: 6
  onServerError: (err) => {
    console.error('the server threw an error: ' + err)

Adding/Updating Methods

You can register new methods or update existing ones after the server has been created.

rpcServer.setMethod('sum', sum);

Closing the Server

rpcServer.close().then(() => {
  console.log('server stopped listening');

Basic Authentication

You can optionally enable Basic Authentication by specifying credentials when creating the server. Any requests will then require an Authorization header with [username]:[password] encoded in Base64. Note that TLS is not currently supported, therefore all traffic is unencrypted and these credentials can be stolen by anyone relaying or listening to requests. This authentication alone should not be considered secure over public networks.

const rpcServer = new RpcServer({
  username: 'johndoe',
  password: 'wasspord', // ignored unless username is specified
  realm: 'rpc' // realm defaults to "Restricted" if not specified

Native HTTP Server

You can access the underlying http.Server object with rpcServer.server.

if (rpcServer.server.listening) {
  console.log('server is listening');

Exposed Constants

console.log(rpcServer.PARSE_ERROR); // -32700
console.log(rpcServer.INVALID_REQUEST); // -32600
console.log(rpcServer.METHOD_NOT_FOUND); // -32601
console.log(rpcServer.INVALID_PARAMS); // -32602
console.log(rpcServer.SERVER_ERROR); // -32000
console.log(rpcServer.SERVER_ERROR_MAX); // -32099

API Documentation


Class representing a HTTP JSON-RPC server

Kind: global class

new RpcServer(options)

Param Type Description
options Object Optional parameters for the server
options.methods Object A map of method names to functions. Method functions are passed one parameter which will either be an Object or a string array
options.context Context to be used as this for method functions.
options.path string The path for the server
options.onRequest function Callback for when requests are received, it is passed an Object representing the request
options.onRequestError function Callback for when requested methods throw errors, it is passed an error and request id
options.onResult function Callback for when requests are successfully returned a result. It is passed the response object and request id
options.onServerError function Callback for server errors, it is passed an Error
options.username string Username for authentication. If provided, Basic Authentication will be enabled and required for all requests.
options.password string Password for authentication, ignored unless a username is also specified.
options.realm string Realm for authentication, ignored unless a username is also specified, defaults to Restricted if not specified.

rpcServer.setMethod(name, method)

Sets a method.

Kind: instance method of RpcServer

Param Type Description
name string The name of the method
method function The function to be called for this method. Method functions are passed one parameter which will either be an Object or a string array.

rpcServer.listen(port, host) ⇒ Promise.<number>

Begins listening on a given port and host.

Kind: instance method of RpcServer Returns: Promise.<number> - A promise that resolves to the assigned port once the server is listening. On error the promise will be rejected with an Error.

Param Type Description
port number The port number to listen on - an arbitrary available port is used if no port is specified
host string The host name or ip address to listen on - the unspecified IP address ( or (::)) is used if no host is specified

rpcServer.close() ⇒ Promise.<void>

Stops listening on all ports.

Kind: instance method of RpcServer Returns: Promise.<void> - A promise that resolves once the server stops listening. On error the promise will be rejected with an Error.

Sample Requests

Here are some sample requests made against the server created in the first usage example.


Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Content-Length: 56
connection: close
content-type: application/json
content-length: 35

Sum (Batched)

Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Content-Length: 115
connection: close
content-type: application/json
content-length: 74


Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Content-Length: 59
connection: close
content-type: application/json
content-length: 38


npm i http-jsonrpc-server

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