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gracefully close open sockets in a http server


http-close keeps track on open sockets and closes them gracefully when the tcp server is closeing.

When you call server.close() this moudule will:

  • Destroy all sockets without a corresponding http response (keep-alive)
  • Send Connection: close to http requests where the headers is not sent
  • Set the socket timeout to the value you specify. Default 5 seconds.

When a socket timeouts after the server is closed, this module will respond with a 500 status code and end the connection where the headers is not sent. All other sockets will be destroyed.

var http = require('http')
  , httpClose = require('http-close')
var server = http.createServer()
// Add http-close hook 
httpClose({ timeout: 2000 }, server)
// Just call server.close as usual when you want to stop the server 
$ npm install http-close