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Generic node.js HTTP handler for generated bundles

This is great for serving browserify bundles, generated css, or any other content that is generated infrequently. It automatically gzips the result and implements ETag caching.


var bundle = require('http-bundle');
var http = require('http');
var b = bundle({
    compile: compile,
    type: 'text/css'
var server = http.createServer(b);
function compile(cb) {
    // usually a more elaborate compilation process 
    cb(null, '.css { content: "some css"; }');



Returns an HTTP handler function that serves the bundle when requested. The returned function can be used as Express/Connect middleware or as a normal HTTP server handler function.

The compile function is required to be specified in the opts object. It will be called as compile(opts, callback) to generate the bundle the first time it is requested. The opts object is the same as the opts passed to the http-bundle function.

Inside the compile function you can call this.invalidate() to force the bundle to be recompiled the next time it is requested. Usually you want to save this function and call it later (for example from a file watcher).


  • compile: The function that will be called when the bundle is first requested. It must call the callback with an optional error and the result.
  • type: (optional) A string specifying the Content-Type to set on the result.