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This module help to get correct charset for node Buffer, when you know http charset (e.g from Content-Type). Node developers choose another names for charsets in Buffer, so this module should help to map each other.

How to use

npm install http-buffer-charset
var getCharset = require('http-buffer-charset');
getCharset('UTF-8') // => 'utf8'
getCharset('csutf8') // => 'utf8'
// node buffer support only 3 charsets according to docs: utf-8, utf-16le and us-ascii, so
getCharset('windows-1251') // => undefined
// if you want convert buffer to another encoding e.g. in utf8 you may use iconv or similar thing, to resolve aliases in charsets
getCharset.resolveAliasCharset('cswindows1251') // => 'windows-1251'

Other things

In this repository stored csv list of charsets from By this list generated file iana-names.js. So do not even try to edit it manually.