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htmlcup is an HTML5 code generator.

Usage is intuitive, if you already use CoffeeScript and know HTML:

htmlcup.html5Page ->
  @head ->
    @title 'My sweet test page'
    @style type: 'text/css',
      body { background:pink }
  @body ->
    @p 'Cupcake ipsum dolor. Sit amet I love sugar plum.'
    # And now a list of yummies 
    @ol ->
      @li "Sweet jelly fruitcake"
      @li ->
        @a href: '''Marzipan'

This is similar in purpose to a templating engine, but with the full power of a programming language in your hands, CoffeeScript.

You can try htmlcup here:

Extending the library

htmlcup is easily extensible through a reflective programming technique:

# Convert a list of lines into an html list 
htmlcup = htmlcup.extendObject
  numberLines: (s) ->
    @ol ->
      @li x for x in s.split /\n/

This extension could be used like:

htmlcup.html5Page ->
  @head -> @title "A numbered list of sweets"
  @body ->
    @p "These are my favorite sweets: "
    @numberLines """

Licensing and copyright

Copyright (c) 2013 Michele Bini

The library is available under the terms of version 3 of the General Public License, which you can read in the file COPYING

The contents of the files in the test/ directory are additionally available with a permissive MIT-style license, which you can read in test/MIT-LICENSE