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    This project has been renamed to cljs-canvas-backgrounds.


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    Geometric repeating patterns for the HTML5 Canvas, written in ClojureScript.

    They use Fabric.js but are otherwise framework agnostic, so can be easily included in any JavaScript project.


    npm install html5-canvas-backgrounds --save

    Load the script at resources/public/js/compiled/html5_canvas_backgrounds.js in your project.

    This will give you a global html5_canvas_backgrounds object, with the backgrounds as properties. Each has a draw function which you need to call, passing an options object, containing at least the id of your canvas element.

    So, to initialize the checkerboard background:

    html5_canvas_backgrounds.checkerboard.draw({ id: "my-canvas-id" });

    Replace the name to use a different background.

    Other options

    Background colors size spacing width height
    checkerboard Array of strings, max. 2 Number (size of squares)
    polkadot Array of strings, max. 2 Number (size of dots) Number (space between dots)
    mosaic Array of strings, no max. Number (width of triangles) Number (height of triangles)

    Running locally

    Make sure you have Leiningen installed.

    To get an interactive development environment, run:

    lein figwheel

    and open your browser at localhost:3449. This will auto compile and send all changes to the browser without the need to reload. After the compilation process is complete, you will get a Browser Connected REPL. An easy way to try it is:

    (js/alert "Am I connected?")

    and you should see an alert in the browser window.

    To clean all compiled files:

    lein clean

    To create a production build run:

    lein do clean, cljsbuild once min

    And open your browser in resources/public/index.html. You will not get live reloading, nor a REPL.


    npm i html5-canvas-backgrounds

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