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Example of the nicely-rounded corners this package can generate.

html-squircle is a lightweight, framework-agnostic JavaScript package designed to create superellipse squircles (smooth, rounded shapes) that can be used as SVG clip paths or backgrounds for web elements. This package is perfect for developers looking to add modern, beautifully-rounded corners to the web with minimal effort.


  • Generate squircles as SVG strings for use in clip-path or background inline styles.
  • Unlike a true superellipse, transitions gracefully into straight edges, making it suitable for UI elements of various sizes.
  • Customizable curve length, curve sharpness, background (solid color or gradient), stroke color, and stroke width.
  • Easy to use with any web framework or vanilla JavaScript.


You can install html-squircle directly into your project using npm:

npm install html-squircle


After installing html-squircle, you can import and use it in your project as follows:

import { clipSquircle, bgSquircle } from "html-squircle"

// Example usage for a clip path
const clipPathStyle = clipSquircle({
    bgWidth: 200,
    bgHeight: 200

// Example usage for a background with a solid color
const backgroundStyle = bgSquircle({
    bgWidth: 200,
    bgHeight: 200,
    svgBackground: "#ff6347", // Tomato color
    svgStroke: "black",
    svgStrokeWidth: 2

// Apply the generated styles to your elements
document.getElementById("yourElementId").style.clipPath = clipPathStyle
document.getElementById("anotherElementId").style.background = backgroundStyle

The clipSquircle and bgSquircle exports provide Apple-like default values to curveLength and curveSharpness, such that square elements will look like app icons. It also makes the default background white, with no stroke, and stroke width 1px.

To create functions with defaults adhering to your own design system, use the newClipSquircler and newBgSquircler exports and supply them with your own preferences.

There is also the getConstantCurveLength export, which you can use as an input to the curveLength parameter to define a curve length in pixels that will not change in response to the size of the element.

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