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IETF RFCs with the authoring, archival, and reading formats all being HTML.

A prototype, for now.


Eventually, this project will be put into NPM. Until then:

git clone git://
cd html-rfc
npm install

idemponit Usage

Convert input.html to output.html, fixing it up:

bin/idemponit input.html output.html

Convert input.html in-place, making input.html.bak be the old version:

bin/idemponit -b input.html

Idemponit will read all of the fixup routines from the nits/ directory, applying each one to the input before serializing the output as well-formed HTML5.

If you want to have your own set of fixup routines, put .js files in ~/.idemponit

Pass in more directories (perhaps document-specific) with --nitdir on the command line.

rfcq Usage

To test out a jQuery selector, or to retrieve meta-data from a document, use bin/rfcq:

bin/rfcq '$(".author .surname").first().text()' docs/draft-hildebrand-html-rfc.html


This code is licensed under the Apache Software License, 2.0