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This CLI will help you generate your resume in HTML (responsive) and PDF.

How to use this library

  1. Install the library using npm as follows:
npm install -g html-pdf-resume
  1. Write your information in JSON format and save it in some file, e.g. resume.json. The schema to be used will be explained below.

  2. Execute the following command:

html-pdf-resume <path-to-JSON-file>/resume.json
  1. Your resume in HTML and PDF formats will be generated in your current directory.

The library uses templates written in Pug (erstwhile Jade) format.

In PDF format, the links' hrefs will be displayed inside parentheses by default as follows:

Google (

This is hailed as a feature and not a bug (reference). I too share this sentiment. However, if you want to remove these hrefs inside bracket thing, set the 'showLinkHrefs' property to false: