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Simple nodejs module that collects all comments from input HTML. Optionally filter out everything that starts with a given keyword.


var htmlcomments = require('html-comments');
var options = {
  keyword: 'yep', // keyword to filter comments with 
  removeKeyword: true // returns just the comment body without the keyword 
var comments = htmlcomments.load('div></div>', options);
var comments = htmlcomments.loadFile('file.html', options);
htmlcomments.loadURL('', options, function(err, comments) {});
  <!-- yep
  ima be collected
  <!-- nope
  aint gonna be collected
  me either


loadFile(path, options)

Load an html file at the given path. Returns all comments from that html file.

loadURL(url, options, cb)

Load an html page at the given url. Returns all comments from that html page.

load(src, options)

Load html source string. Returns all comments.