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Poly Locator

All of the client-side Locator and Directory code and markup.



  1. Install npm (
  2. cd into the root directory of the theme where package.json is located.
  3. Install Gulp (
  4. Run npm install
  5. Run gulp
  6. Open browser @ http://localhost:3000/

Local Development

  • Gulp runs all of the tasks required to build the site. It runs webpack for bundling JS. It copies over all the assets inside app/ to build/ directory where the compiled version lives.
  • Run gulp and navigate to http://localhost:3000/ for testing (WIP)

Publishing to NPM

TODO: Handle this in the release process.

  1. Gain collab access to the hs-poly-locator npm package (Alex R. is a good resource for this)
  2. Checkout the master branch
  3. Make sure it is up to date: git fetch && git rebase upstream/master
  4. Update your package version: npm version 1.x.x (1.x.x could be any new version tag you want to use)
  5. The previous step will create a new commit and automatically update your package.json. Make a PR for this.
  6. Publish the package to npm: npm publish