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Store and load temporary large pieces of data online

hs (short for Hastebin) is a utility for quickly and effortlessly storing large pieces of data online. See why.


First, install with npm:

$ npm install -g hs

To save some data:

$ hs save "i'm saving this"    # outputs some id, e.g. "asdhfuo"

To load the data:

$ hs load <id>      # for example, "asdhfuo" from above


You can even pipe data to hs:

$ cat .vimrc | hs save


hs uses a really straightforward POST API that contacts


When I create virtual machines, I need to transfer some of my config files, such as .vimrc and .bash_profile. I don't want to create a dotfiles repo on GitHub because the preferences differ between all the machines. Additionally, copy/paste shortcuts differ between all machines, so the easiest way is to just type in a quick 8-character id and pipe it to a file.