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Harvest CLI

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This is a command-line interface (CLI) for Harvest that contains all features available in Harvest's REST API V2. The majority of the CLI is generated from an export of Harvest's Postman Collection.

In addition to supporting features of the REST API, the Harvest CLI provides convenient ways to track time.

Getting Started


Install the CLI using the npm package manager:

npm install -g hrvst-cli

Log in with your Harvest account

To authenticate with Harvest's REST API, client side OAuth2 is used. To initiate this, run:

hrvst login

You’ll be prompted to launch your browser and log in to Harvest to grant Harvest CLI access to your account.

CLI Command Reference

hrvst alias list
hrvst alias create <alias>
hrvst alias delete <alias>
hrvst clients create
hrvst clients delete
hrvst clients get
hrvst clients list
hrvst clients update
hrvst clients contacts create
hrvst clients contacts delete
hrvst clients contacts get
hrvst clients contacts list
hrvst clients contacts update
hrvst company get
hrvst completion
hrvst estimates create
hrvst estimates delete
hrvst estimates get
hrvst estimates list
hrvst estimates update
hrvst estimates item-categories create
hrvst estimates item-categories delete
hrvst estimates item-categories get
hrvst estimates item-categories list
hrvst estimates item-categories update
hrvst estimates line-items create
hrvst estimates line-items delete
hrvst estimates line-items update
hrvst estimates messages create
hrvst estimates messages delete
hrvst estimates messages list-by-estimate
hrvst estimates messages mark-draft-estimate-as-sent
hrvst estimates messages re-open-closed-estimate
hrvst expenses create
hrvst expenses delete
hrvst expenses get
hrvst expenses list
hrvst expenses update
hrvst expenses categories create
hrvst expenses categories delete
hrvst expenses categories get
hrvst expenses categories list
hrvst expenses categories update
hrvst invoices create
hrvst invoices delete
hrvst invoices get
hrvst invoices list
hrvst invoices update
hrvst invoices item-categories create
hrvst invoices item-categories delete
hrvst invoices item-categories get
hrvst invoices item-categories list
hrvst invoices item-categories update
hrvst invoices line-items create
hrvst invoices line-items delete
hrvst invoices line-items update
hrvst invoices messages create
hrvst invoices messages delete
hrvst invoices messages list-by-invoice
hrvst invoices messages mark-draft-invoice-as-sent
hrvst invoices messages mark-open-invoice-as-closed
hrvst invoices messages mark-open-invoice-as-draft
hrvst invoices messages re-open-closed-invoice
hrvst log <hours> [alias]
hrvst login
hrvst note
hrvst open
hrvst open accounts
hrvst open api
hrvst open expenses
hrvst open profile
hrvst open reports
hrvst open time
hrvst projects create
hrvst projects delete
hrvst projects get
hrvst projects list
hrvst projects update
hrvst projects task-assignments create
hrvst projects task-assignments delete
hrvst projects task-assignments get
hrvst projects task-assignments list
hrvst projects task-assignments list-by-project
hrvst projects task-assignments update
hrvst projects user-assignments create
hrvst projects user-assignments delete
hrvst projects user-assignments get
hrvst projects user-assignments list
hrvst projects user-assignments list-by-project
hrvst projects user-assignments update
hrvst reports project-budget-report
hrvst reports uninvoiced-report
hrvst reports expense-reports categories-report
hrvst reports expense-reports clients-expense-report
hrvst reports expense-reports projects-expense-report
hrvst reports expense-reports team-expense-report
hrvst reports time-reports clients-time-report
hrvst reports time-reports projects-time-report
hrvst reports time-reports tasks-time-report
hrvst reports time-reports team-time-report
hrvst roles create
hrvst roles delete
hrvst roles get
hrvst roles list
hrvst roles update
hrvst start [alias]
hrvst stop
hrvst tasks create
hrvst tasks delete
hrvst tasks get
hrvst tasks list
hrvst tasks update
hrvst time-entries create
hrvst time-entries delete
hrvst time-entries delete-external-reference
hrvst time-entries get
hrvst time-entries list
hrvst time-entries restart
hrvst time-entries stop
hrvst time-entries update
hrvst users create
hrvst users delete
hrvst users get
hrvst users list
hrvst users me
hrvst users update
hrvst users billable-rates create
hrvst users billable-rates get
hrvst users billable-rates list-by-user
hrvst users cost-rates create
hrvst users cost-rates get
hrvst users cost-rates list-by-user
hrvst users project-assignments list-by-user
hrvst users project-assignments me
hrvst users teammates list-by-user
hrvst users teammates update



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