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hapi pal CLI

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Usage: hpal <command> <options>


  hpal new <new-project-directory>
    e.g. hpal new ~/node-projects/new-pal-project

  hpal make [--asDir|--asFile] <haute-couture-item> [<item-name>]
    e.g. hpal make route create-user

  hpal docs [--hapi x.y.z] <docs-section> [<config-item>]
    e.g. hpal docs --hapi 17.2.0 h.continue


  -h, --help       display usage options
  -v, --version    version information
  -d, --asDir      [make] creates new haute-couture item in a directory index file.
  -f, --asFile     [make] creates new haute-couture item in a file.
  --hapi           [docs] specifies the version of hapi used when searching the API docs.