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Houston  Travis CI


Houston is a logging framework designed to be used by several modules. Every module grabs an instance of the logging with a unique or shared id and write different types of log items. You can globally manage transports, silence logging types or an entire logging id.


Install using NPM:

npm install houston


var log = require("houston")("my-module");"Hello world");


  • Global log access
  • Control log format/date format globally
  • Colors (std transport detects possible colors)
  • Logs devided into uids (module name, section, whatever you want)
  • 4 types of logging: info, warn, error, debug
  • Ability to silence a specific log uid
  • Multiple transports (bundled: std, file, mysql)
  • Each transport has it's own options and can be added multiple times (logging to 2 files)
  • Each transport has a set of tools
  • Filter certain uids for a specific transport (log a specific set of modules to a specific file, only error messages)


No time right now to do it. Check examples, I usually do an example for each feature I develop. Anything you want to ask, put it in an issue.