Cross platform directory tree watcher, focussed on reliability, speed, and simplicity.

hound - directory tree watcher for node.js

I've recently started some node.js projects, and have been very unhappy with the results. Many work well, but aren't cross platform. hound was written to create a simple directory tree watcher, with lots of tests, that actually works. Even on Windows.

hound is designed to be very simple, fast and reliable.

Install using npm:

npm install hound
hound = require('hound')
// Create a directory tree watcher 
watcher = hound.watch('/tmp')
// Create a file watcher 
watcher = hound.watch('/tmp/file.txt')
// Add callbacks for file and directory events 
watcher.on('create', function(filestats) {
  console.log(file + ' was created')
watcher.on('change', function(filestats) {
  console.log(file + ' was changed')
watcher.on('delete', function(file) {
  console.log(file + ' was deleted')
// Unwatch specific files or directories 
// Unwatch all watched files and directories