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    NODEJS Library for Hot Recharge

    Sign up for a merchant account at Hot Recharge

    You will need your email and your password to make successful requests


    The library has a set of prerequisites that must be met for it to work

    1. Node.js
    2. NPM (Node Package Manager)


    Install the library using either npm or yarn

    $ npm install hotrecharge --save


    Import the library

    const HotRecharge = require("hotrecharge").HotRecharge;


    const { HotRecharge } = require("hotrecharge");

    Declare and instantiate a new instance of HotRecharge

    const recharge = new HotRecharge({
      email: 'email address',
      password: 'password',
      reference: 'your unique merchant reference'

    The reference is optional but if it's present then the last parameter has to be set to false - so that auto generation of references is blocked

    Manually updating the reference

    recharge.updateReference('unique merchant reference');

    Using the same reference will result in request failure !

    Direct airtime recharge of user's mobile account

    recharge.pinLessRecharge('amount', 'targetMobile', 'BrandID', 'CustomerSMS').then(function (response) {
      //handle response

    Sample Response

      ReplyCode: 2,
      ReplyMsg: 'Recharge to 077111111 of $1 was successful. The initial balance was $0.05 final balance is $1.05',
      WalletBalance: 25,
      Amount: 1,
      Discount: 0,
      InitialBalance: 0.0494,
      FinalBalance: 1.0494,
      Window: '2021-05-15T18:33:23.7622021+02:00',
      Data: 0,
      SMS: 0,
      AgentReference: 'xxxxxxx',
      RechargeID: 0000000

    Direct data bundle recharge of user's mobile account

    recharge.dataBundleRecharge('productcode', 'mobile number', 'custom message').then(function (response) {
      //handle response

    Get agent wallet balance

    recharge.getAgentWalletBalance().then(function (response) {
      //handle response

    Get end user wallet balance

    recharge.getEndUserBalance('mobile number').then(function (response) {
      //handle response

    Get list of available data bundle options

    recharge.getDataBundleOptions().then(function (response) {
      //handle response

    Sample Response

      ReplyCode: 2,
      Bundles: [
          BundleId: 47,
          BrandId: 2,
          Network: 'Econet',
          ProductCode: 'SMSD5',
          Amount: 125,
          Name: 'SMS  - 5MB',
          Description: 'SMS Daily Bundle',
          ValidityPeriod: 1
      AgentReference: 'xxxxxx'

    Query a transaction

    recharge.queryTransactionReference('transaction reference').then(function (response) {
      //handle response

    Sample response

      RawReply: '{"ReplyCode":2,"ReplyMsg":"Recharge to 0771111111 of $1 was successful. The initial balance was $0.05 final balance is $1.05","WalletBalance":25.0000,"Amount":1.0,"Discount":0.0000,"InitialBalance":0.0494,"FinalBalance":1.0494,"Window":"2021-05-15T18:33:23.7622021+02:00","Data":0.0,"SMS":0,"AgentReference":"xxxxxxx","RechargeID":0000000}',
      ReplyCode: '2',
      ReplyMsg: 'Recharge to 0771111111 of $1 was successful. The initial balance was $0.05 final balance is $1.05',
      OriginalAgentReference: 'xxxxxxx',
      AgentReference: 'yyyyyyy'
    By Ngonidzashe Mangudya (Python Port from @donnC)


    npm i hotrecharge

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