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A node module that will let you check to see when krispy kreme is making fresh doughnuts for your location.


Ever want to know when the Krispy Kerme hotlight is on in your area? Need to create a bot for your boss so he can run over and get his one vice?

Look no further!

In coffeescript...

Hotlight = require 'hotlight'
hotlight = new Hotlight
hotlight.on "hots"(locations) =>
    console.log locations
hotlight.get_hots {zipcode: '98116'}
hotlight.get_hots {locations: '1115,1112'}

And javascript...

var Hotlight = require('holight');
var hotlight = new Hotlight();
hotlight.get_hots({zipcode: '98116'})
hotlight.get_hots({locations: '1115,1112'})


To install you only need to run npm install hotlight-node

hotlight-node is written in coffeescript and intended to run in node.js. I haven't tested it in the broser.

Tests are written in mocha and chai. Test can be run by running $ npm test in the root of the project.

This idea comes directly from my boss who wanted a hubot script that would tell him if the Krispy Kreme hotlight was on.

He made a nice gem over at and provided me with the URLs for talking to the hotlight server.

Also, big thanks to Krispy Kreme and their technology department. Without them this app would not be possible. Keep up the cool work.

The software belongs to everyone! MIT License is here.

As for Kripy Kerme stuff. Well this app is not offically assosiated with Krispy Kreme or their partners or affilates. So, any and all Krispy Kreme copyrights and trademarks remain in tact.

See issues

If you would like to help me out please fork the code, make your improvements and submit a pull request.