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A CLI tool for building custom Handsontable spreadsheet component.

Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Basic usage
  3. Examples
  4. License
  5. Contact


Install the tool using npm.

npm install hot-builder -g

Basic usage

> hot-builder build

Builds custom version of handsontable.


  • -i, --input - Path to a directory where Handsontable Community Edition or Handsontable PRO repository was downloaded.
  • -o, --output-dir - Output directory where generated bundle will be saved.
  • -a, --include-all - Includes all found modules into generated bundle.
  • -A, --add-module - Includes specified modules into generated bundle (eg. -A ContextMenu,ManualRowMove).
  • -R, --remove-module - Excludes specified modules from generated bundle (eg. -R ContextMenu,ManualRowMove).
  • -U, --no-ui - Disables the UI.
  • --repository-tag - Specifies which version of Handsontable Community Edition or Handsontable PRO repository will be cloned (eg. --repository-tag develop, or --repository-tag 0.32.0). This option is active only if you omitted -i, --input argument.
  • --pro - Indicates that version specified by --repository-tag argument will be referring to the Handsontable PRO package.
  • --debug - Debug mode - will output debug messages from workers.
> hot-builder -h

Displays hot-builder help information.

> hot-builder -V

Prints the installed hot-builder version.


Build your custom handsontable Community Edition package (from the handsontable remote repository)

$ hot-builder build -o hot-dist

Or build your custom handsontable Community Edition package using a local directory

$ hot-builder build -i path-to-your-handsontable-copy/ -o hot-dist

After executing command and selecting plugins, the builder automatically resolves all plugins and external libraries before building a package in the hot-dist directory.

If it works correctly, you should see something like:

hot-builder #1 hot-builder #1

Additional examples:


hot-builder is released under the MIT license. Copyrights belong to Handsoncode sp. z o.o.


Feel free to give us feedback on this tool using this contact form or write directly at