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windows host file manage

usage:  host <command> <params> [options]

    command:        get | set | del | enable | disable | ip

    params:         [ip string] [domain string] [group string]

    options:        -h | -c comment | -e isEnabled

    host -h                                 # show this help

    host get                      # get ip('s host
    host get default        # get domain( and group(default)'s host
    host get        # get ip( and ip('s host

    host del
    host del
    host del "default"

    host set <domain> <ip> [group] [-e enabled] [-c comment]
    host set "personal use" -e true -c "this is comment"

    host enable
    host enable "google group" "personal use"
    host disable

    host ip <old ip> <new ip>               # change all <old ip> to <new ip>
    host ip