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    A Sauce Labs Connect Runner.

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    Props to sauce-tap-runner, the inspiration behind this module. It's basically a modern version of that module, but not focused on running tap tests.


    import createRunner from 'horsey-sauce';
    const runner = createRunner(process.env.SAUCE_USER, process.env.SAUCE_KEY);
    // the code to run on the remote host
    const src = `
      console.log('hello world');
      console.log('window:', typeof window);
      console.log('typeof Object.assign:', typeof Object.assign);
    function browserRunner(browser, cb) {
      // this code runs in the node instance
      // browser is the webdriver instance
      // when done, use cb(err, data)
      // any console.log in the src will end up on the #output element in the DOM
      // any globally thrown errors will end up on the #errors element in the DOM
      browser.elementById('output', function(err, el) {
        if (err) cb(err);
        else {
          el.text(function(err2, text) {
            if (err2) cb(err2);
            else cb(null, 'output text: ' + text);
    // alternatively, you can use helper functions by using a middle arguments
    function browserRunnerWithHelpers(browser, helpers, callback) {
      helpers.getConsoleOutput(cb); // return console output
      // helpers.getUncaughtErrors(cb); // return uncaught errors
    const capabilities = { browserName: 'internet explorer' };
    // execute the runner, browserRunner, capabilities)
    .then(data => console.log(data))
    .catch(err => console.error(err));


    horseySauce(sauceUser, sauceKey)

    Creates a new test runner. A single test runner maintains a single Sauce Connect tunnel. Using a single runner for all your tests will improve speed as it takes time to setup the tunnel. A tunnel will only be created when you run the tests.

    sauceUser and sauceKey must be your Sauce Labs username and key.

    #run(src, exec, [capabilities])

    Runs the tests in a new browser, returns a Promise that will resolve when the runner is finished. It will create a new WebDriver connection to the browser and run the JS tests provided. It is not able to run tests in parallel; you must wait till one test is completed before running the next.

    src is a string containing the JS code to execute. Any calls to console.log in the code will end up as text in the #output element in the browser instance.

    exec(browser, [helpers], callback) is a function that will take which will be passed the web-driver insance, some helpers if you opt into them, and a callback to use when you're done. Use the browser instance to interact with the remote browser. See the wd package for details.

    capabilities is an optional object containing the options for the web-driver instance. See the selenium docs for valid options. You'll almost certainly want to include a browserName property here, otherwise you won't know browser will be used.

    #on(name, handler)

    Attaches an event listener that will be call handler when the matching name event is emitted. Returns a function that can be used to detach the listener.

    #once(name, handler)

    Like on(), but the handler will only be called once.


    Closes the Sauce Connect tunnel, returns a Promise that will resolve when everything is closed. All tests must be finished before closing.


    Returns the instance to its initial state, closing the Sauce Connect tunnel and removes any event handlers. Returns a Promise that will resolve when everything is reset. All tests must be finished before resetting.


    Event Name Description
    tunnel-ready Called when the Sauce Connect tunnel is ready, handler will be passed the tunnel id.
    browser-ready Called when the web-driver instance is ready.
    runner-start Called before the src is executed in remote browser.
    runner-end Called when the exec function calls the callback function. Only emitted when the runner executes successfully.


    MIT © w33ble


    Cross-browser Testing Platform and Open Source <3 Provided by Sauce Labs

    Testing Provided by Sauce Labs




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