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    Horologist Logo - Making digital time mechanical

    Horologist is a JavaScript library for animating DOM elements to represent time in the same ways as many of the world's greatest haute horologist watchmakers. It supports and enables many of the different watchmaking complications and variations such as chronographs, minute repeaters, multiple time zones, perpetual calendars and more.

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    See the Horologist library in action.

    Getting Started

    To get started, first install horologist into your project.

    npm i horologist
    yarn add horologist

    With the package installed, import the main Watch class, instantiate it with its settings, and call the start() method.

    import { Watch } from 'horologist';
    const settings = {
        id: "k0-seasons",
        dials: [{ ... }],
        moonphase: { ... },
    const Sarpaneva = new Watch(settings);


    Horologist aims to recreate the work of haute horology watchmaking in a digital format by emulating many of the handmade complications and variations. View each complication to learn more about it, its features and settings API.

    Complication Documentation Description
    Chronograph Docs Also referred to as a “stopwatch” function, a chronograph typically uses subdials to keep track of seconds, minutes, and hours.
    Date Indicator Docs A date calendar shows the date of the month.
    Day Indicator Docs A day calendar shows the day of the week.
    Day / Night Indicator Docs A day/night indicator can be a two-color disc showing day or night through either light and dark coloured segments.
    Dial Docs A dial serves to indicate hours, minutes and seconds.
    Equation of Time Docs The equation of time is the difference between true solar time and mean time.
    Foudroyante Docs A hand that makes one rotation every second, pausing two thru ten times to indicate fractions of a second.
    Leap Year Indicator Docs A mechanism to indicate the current year's relationships to the next leap year.
    Minute Repeater Docs A highly complicated watch function that audibly strikes the time in hours, quarter hours, and/or minutes.
    Month Indicator Docs A month indicator displays the current month of the year.
    Moonphase Docs Displays new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and last quarter moon by means of a disk that rotates beneath a small aperture.
    Power Reserve Docs A subdial or gauge used to display how much power remains before the watch stops.
    Watch Docs The root class which controls all complications.
    Week Indicator Docs A week calendar displays the current week of the year in either standard or ISO formats.


    There are a few libraries that allow Horologist to be its best, and they should be acknowledged.


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