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    Hops Template GraphQL


    Please see the main Hops Readme for general information and a Getting Started Guide.

    This is a small example application showing hops in action. It demonstrates how to use hops with React, GraphQL and Jest.

    It has the following folder structure:

    ├── node_modules
    ├── package.json
    └── src
        ├── app.js
        └── home
            ├── commits.gql
            ├── home.js
            ├── index.js
            ├── spec
            │   ├── home.spec.js
            │   └── __snapshots__
            │       └── home.spec.js.snap
            └── styles.css

    This example uses hops-react to render in the browser or on the server via the same entry file src/app.js.

    It contains a small example of how to use hops-graphql to fetch data from a GraphQL endpoint.

    You can customize it to your needs - or use it as a reference guide when creating your own hops react project.

    Package.json scripts

    npm start / yarn start

    This command can be used to start a development server with hot-code reloading or to start a production server.

    • starting a development server: npm start
    • starting a production server: npm start --production

    Before you start a production server you need to build your JS bundle files.

    npm run build / yarn build

    This command will generate the browser and server bundles that are required for deploying your code or running the production server through npm start --production.

    npm test / yarn test

    This command will test your code with jest a testrunner by facebook that integrates nicely with react.


    Please refer to the main readme to see a list of all supported options.

    In this project we configure babel and postcss through the "browsers" field and we specify the URL of the GraphQL server through the "graphqlUri" field.




    npm i hops-template-graphql

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