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    Please see the main Hops Readme for general information and a Getting Started Guide.

    This is a preset for Hops that, when installed, will enable css loaders for PostCSS Preset Env with support for CSS Modules.


    Add this preset to your existing Hops React project:

    npm install --save hops-postcss

    If you don't already have an existing Hops project read this section on how to set up your first Hops project.


    Since this preset has no configuration, you can start writing CSS in external files and import / require them in your application code after installing this preset.

    .headline {
      color: red;
    import styles from './styles.css';
    export default render(<h1 className={styles.headline}>hello</h1>);

    Check out this integration test as an example for how to use this preset.

    CSS Modules opt-out

    Sometimes it can be necessary to import an external CSS-file without applying CSS Modules to them, to keep their class names intact.

    You can opt-out of CSS Modules by importing the respective file with the global query parameter.

    import 'animate.css/animate.min.css?global';

    Depending on your ESLint rules, you might need to ignore the import line as there can be issues with the non-standard query parameter.

    /* eslint-disable-next-line import/no-unresolved */
    import 'animate.css/animate.min.css?global';

    CSS Grid & Autoprefixer

    By default CSS Grid properties are not auto-prefixed and there are neither plans to turn on this feature globally in Hops, nor to provide a respective preset option.

    Still you can use CSS Grid already by either enabling auto-prefixing on a per-file basis with a comment or for the whole project with an environment variable.

    Enabling CSS Grid per file

    To enable auto-prefixing of CSS Grid properties for a single file, put the following comment at its beginning:

    /* autoprefixer grid: autoplace */
    Enabling CSS Grid for the whole project

    To enable auto-prefixing of CSS Grid properties for the whole project, pass the environment variable AUTOPREFIXER_GRID=autoplace to the build-command:

    AUTOPREFIXER_GRID=autoplace yarn hops build

    For more information on that topic, please have a look at the documentation of Autoprefixer.


    Preset Options

    This preset has no preset configuration options.

    Render Options

    This preset has no runtime configuration options.


    npm i hops-postcss

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