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Hookman is a Command Line Tool that helps your team manage and distribute commands and scripts used within your Git workflow.


  • Node 6.2.1
  • A Git repository for your project


npm install -g hookman


Setting up hookman for your project

If your project is not already configured for use with hookman:

  1. Navigate to the root of your project and run hookman init
  2. Add and commit hooks/ directory and hookman.json

Installing project hooks to Git

If your project has a hooks/ directory and a hookman.json file:

  1. Navigate to the root of your project and run hookman install

Adding a hook scripts

In most cases hook scripts get the job done. Hooks scripts are similar to npm scripts. They live in the hookman.json file and are simple commands that hookman will execute when git invokes a Githook.

  1. Open the hookman.json file in the root of your project.
  2. Locate the hook you would like to target (pre-commit, pre-push, etc.)
  3. Write a command (just like you would in terminal) as the value for the hook


    "pre-commit": "npm run lint"

Adding hook executables

Hook executables are a big step up from hook scripts allowing your to write hooks for your project in any language. This allows you to harness existing code in your project as well as managed dependencies installed from your favorite package manager.

  1. From the root of your project run hookman create
  2. Choose the hook you would like to target from the list provided.
  3. Locate the newly created file in your projects hooks/ directory and start coding.



npm i hookman

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