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Connect to apps near you.

Proper README coming soon! Apologies for the delay.

What the... ?

Hook makes it easy to connect to apps over your local network. You don't need to know any IP addresses, ports or URLs; you simply type in a 4 to 6 letter passcode and you're connected directly to the app.

In order to work, you just need:

  • A network running IPv4 (Hook doesnt work with IPv6)
  • An Ahoy-enabled server (to generate your passcode)
  • An ahoy.json file for sharing connection info


The easiest way to see how Hook and Ahoy work is by running an example.

If you have python installed on your system, open a terminal window, cd into the hook directory (e.g. /Users/dennisimo/sketches/hook) and type python -m SimpleHTTPServer. If you don't have python installed, there are all kinds of other ways to get a local server running on port 8000 -- go for it!

Then open a browser window at http://localhost:8000/example and you'll see an input for you to enter a passcode.

Next, you'll need to set up an Ahoy server, so open another terminal window and type the following commands:

  • npm install -g ahoy (if you don't have ahoy installed already)
  • mkdir test-ahoy && cd test-ahoy (or whatever you want the directory to be called)
  • echo "{\"location\": \"success.html\"}" > ahoy.json
  • echo "Success\!" > success.html
  • ahoy (to run the ahoy server)

You show get a message shomething like this:

  Now serving /Users/dennisimo/sketches/test-ahoy/example
  Passcode is EEEREG

Now you just type the passcode into the input in your browser window and press ENTER.

If everything worked out, you should be redirected to and should see your "Success!" message.

Congratulations! You've just hooked into your first server :)

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