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Hoodie Server integration with React Native

Integrate Hoodie Server with React Native.


Long story short, when using React Native and making a request to the Hoodie Server, Android somehow adds a media type parameter to the Content-Type header (charset=utf-8) and, since Hoodie follows the this effectively breaks requests from Android clients (iOS works fine).

This plugin is basically my first attempt for a hapi plugin that "cleans up" the Content-Type header allowing Android requests to get in. I'm working on a project that will use this so expect updates and fixes if I find something else that's broken when integrating RN + Hoodie.

See for further details.


Just run

npm install hoodie-plugin-react-native-server

in your already existing Hoodie project and add

"hoodie": {
  "plugins": ["hoodie-plugin-react-native-server"]

to the project's package.json. After that, you should be good to go!