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    A generic backend with a client API for Offline First applications

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    The Low-Profile Dog Hoodie Mascot

    Hoodie lets you build apps without thinking about the backend and makes sure that they work great independent from connectivity.

    This is Hoodie’s main repository. It starts a server and serves the client API. Read more about how the Hoodie server works.

    A good place to start is our Tracker App. You can play around with Hoodie’s APIs in the browser console and see how it works all together in its simple HTML & JavaScript code.

    If you have any questions come say hi in our chat.


    This setup is working for all operating system, testing on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac and Linux.

    Hoodie is a Node.js package. You need Node Version 4 or higher and npm Version 2 or higher, check your installed version with node -v and npm -v.

    First, create a folder and a package.json file

    mkdir my-app
    cd my-app
    npm init -y

    Next, install hoodie and save it as dependency

    npm install --save hoodie

    Now start up your Hoodie app

    npm start

    You can find a more thorough description in our Getting Started Guide.


    hoodie can be used standalone or as hapi plugin. The options are slightly different. For the standalone usage, see Hoodie’s configuration guide. For the hapi plugin usage, see Hoodie’s hapi plugin usage guide


    Local setup

    git clone https://github.com/hoodiehq/hoodie.git
    cd hoodie
    npm install

    The hoodie test suite is run with npm test. You can read more about testing Hoodie.

    You can start hoodie for itself using npm start. It will serve the contents of the public folder.


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    Apache 2.0


    npm i hoodie

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