Hoodie library for the browser

Hoodie ✪ power to the frontend!

Hoodie is a JavaScript library for the browser.

It offers you the following pieces of functionality right out of the box:

  • user accounts and authentication
  • data storage and sync
  • background tasks
  • sharing
  • emails
  • and so much more

And here is what it looks like:

  // user signup 
  hoodie.account.signUp('joe@example.com', 'secret');
  // user signIn 
  hoodie.account.signIn('joe@example.com', 'secret');
  // user password change 
  hoodie.account.changePassword('secret', 'new_secret');
  // user name change 
  hoodie.account.changeUsername('secret', 'newusername');
  // user signout 
  // user password reset 
  // add a new document of type 'task' 
  hoodie.store.add('task', {
    title: 'build sweetMasterApp tomorrow.'
  // find all 'task' documents 
  // update a 'task' document 
  hoodie.store.update('task', '123', {
    done: true
  // remove a 'task' document 
  hoodie.store.remove('task', '123');
  // listen to and act upon document events 
  hoodie.store.on('add:task', function(object) {
    alert('new Task added: ' + object.task)

Tasks get picked up by backend workers in the background. You can think of them as special objects that describe specific tasks, for which you want backend logic.

If a task has been completed successfully, it gets removed. If there is an error, it stays in the task store to be handled or removed.

  // start a new task. Once it was finished, the success callback gets 
  // called. If something went wrong, error callback gets called instead 
  hoodie.task.start('message', {to: 'joe', text: 'Do you want to party?'})
    .then( showMessageSent, showMessageError )
  // abort a pending task 
  hoodie.task.abort('message', '123')
  // restart a pending or aborted task 
  hoodie.task.restart('message', '123', { extraProperty: 'value' })
  // aborted all pending tasks 
  // restart all pending or aborted tasks 

You can also subscribe to the following task events

  • start
  • abort
  • error
  • success
  // listen to new tasks 
  hoodie.task.on('start', function (newTask) {});
  // task aborted 
  hoodie.task.on('abort', function (abortedTask) {});
  // task could not be completed 
  hoodie.task.on('error', function (errorMessagetask) {});
  // task completed successfully 
  hoodie.task.on('success', function (completedTask) {});
  // all listeners can be filtered by type 
  hoodie.task.on('message:start',   function (newMessageTaskoptions) {});
  hoodie.task.on('message:abort',  function (abortedMessageTaskoptions) {});
  hoodie.task.on('message:error',   function (errorMessagemessageTaskoptions) {});
  hoodie.task.on('message:success', function (completedMessageTaskoptions) {});
  hoodie.task.on('message:change',  function (eventNamemessageTaskoptions) {});
  // ... and by type and id 
  hoodie.task.on('message:start:123',   function (newMessageTaskoptions) {});
  hoodie.task.on('message:abort:123',  function (abortedMessageTaskoptions) {});
  hoodie.task.on('message:error:123',   function (errorMessagemessageTaskoptions) {});
  hoodie.task.on('message:success:123', function (completedMessageTaskoptions) {});
  hoodie.task.on('message:change:123',  function (eventNamemessageTaskoptions) {});

note: if change event is "error", the error message gets passed as options.error

  // find all 'task' documents and publish them 
  // find all documents that belong to a given user 
  hoodie.user( username ).findAll();
  // find a given task and share it 
  hoodie.store.find('task', '456').share();
  // find a all documents on a given share 
  // subscribe to a given share 
  // define an email object 
  var magic = hoodie.email.send({
    to      : ['susan@example.com'],
    cc      : ['bill@example.com'],
    subject : 'rule the world',
    body    : 'we can do it!\nSigned, Joe'
  magic.done(function(mail) {
    alert('Mail has been sent to ' + mail.to);
  magic.fail(function(error) {
    alert('Sorry, but something went wrong: ' + error.reason);

Every app gets its own hoodie. You need to set one up, because that's whereTheMagicHappens:

  <script src="hoodie.js"></script> 
    whereTheMagicHappens = 'https://yourapp.hood.ie';
    hoodie = new Hoodie(whereTheMagicHappens);

For more in-depth documentation, head over to hood.ie.

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