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Honk! Test Net!

Some tools to help test browser-based network-y things in a headless environment.


The underlying mock-thing-out-er-ator is based on Philipp von Weitershausen's mock_server.js impl. Seems to work well.

In a Mocha or Jasmine environment, including this file will give you a @server properly set up and torn down around all your tests.

Usage in Mocha or Jasmine is as so:

require 'honk-test-net/lib/http_server'
describe 'Remote Pants Service'->
  it 'should give me info on pants'(done) ->
    @server.when 'GET''/pants'(req) ->
      status: 200
      body:   'Pants Found'
    $.get '/pants',
      success: (resp) ->
        expect( 'Pants Found'

In another test environment that doesn't implement a beforeEach/afterEach, you can instantiate an instance like, passing your DOM window as an argument. Here's a qunit example.

jsdom = require('jsdom').jsdom
global.document or= jsdom()
global.window   or= global.document.createWindow()
HttpServer = require 'honk-test-net/lib/http_server'
asyncTest 'Remote Pants Service'->
  server = new HttpServer(global.window)
  server.when 'GET''/pants'(req) ->
    status: 200
    body:   'Pants Found'
  $.get '/pants',
    success: (resp) ->
      equal('Pants Found''Got those pants.')

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