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IOTDB Bridge to REST / Web Interfaces.


See the samples for details how to add to your project, particularly ones called iotdb_*.js



$ npm install homestar-rest

If you're a developer, run this command in extract directory

$ git clone
$ cd homestar-rest
$ homestar set /modules/homestar-rest $PWD

Simulators for Testing the Samples

We've created a SmartHome simulator, written in Python. This is running here

You can send GET, PUT and PATCH.

If you'd like to run this yourself:

$ git clone
$ cd iotdb-simulators
$ python --port 27772 website_home_1 &
$ curl ''
   "basement": {
      "hue": {
         "1": {
            "on": true, 
            "rgb": "#FF0000"


The Models included are only for Demo purposes. My home is we can actually pull in models from elsewhere rather than having to re-spec them.