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    Homebridge plugin for Yeelight Lights supporting Scenes/Moods/Color Flow/Custom Presets/Music Flow/Night Mode



        $ npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge
        $ npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge-yeelight-platform

    Edit config.json. Refer to config-sample.json.

    Available Presets Scenes


    Writing Custom Color Flow

    If you want to write a custom flow, scene should be custom in config.json. Also provide params paramameter.

    Example :

            "name": "Dark Cave",
            "scene": "custom",
            "params": "2000,1,255,70,2000,1,255,100,5000,1,255,70,3000,1,13369548,100,3000,1,13369548,10"

    Sample Preset: "1000, 2, 2700, 100, 500, 1,255, 10, 5000, 7, 0,0, 500, 2, 5000, 1"

    NOTE: Each visible state changing is defined to be a flow tuple that contains 4 elements: [duration, mode, value, brightness].

    A flow expression is a series of flow tuples. So for above preset example, it means: change CT to 2700K & maximum brightness gradually in 1000ms, then change color to red & 10% brightness gradually in 500ms, then stay at this state for 5 seconds, then change CT to 5000K & minimum brightness gradually in 500ms.

    [duration, mode, value, brightness]:

    Duration: Gradual change time or sleep time, in milliseconds, minimum value 50.

    Mode: 1 – color, 2 – color temperature, 7 – sleep.

    Value: RGB value when mode is 1, CT value when mode is 2, Ignored when mode is 7.

    Brightness: Brightness value, -1 or 1 ~ 100. Ignored when mode is 7. When this value is -1, brightness in this tuple is ignored (only color or CT change takes effect).

    Params for Night Mode scene, Set params as a number. 1 => CT Mode, 2 => RGB Mode, 3 => HSV Mode, 4 => CF Mode. Switching off Night Mode will reset to provided params mode. If params not provided, it will only turn off lights, will not revert color to old state.


    Yeelight Color Bulb


    Mi Bedside Lamp


    Note : Night Mode is super low brightness mode which was not shown properly in the demo video due to camera quality.

    Compatible Devices

    Sample Config :

                "platform": "Yeelight-Platform",
                "addResetSwitch": true,
                "shouldTurnOff": true,
                "scenes": [
                        "name": "Dark Cave",
                        "scene": "custom",
                        "params": "2000,1,255,70,2000,1,255,100,5000,1,255,70,3000,1,13369548,100,3000,1,13369548,10"
                        "name": "Break in",
                        "scene": "custom",
                        "params": "500,1,255,100,500,1,255,10"
                        "name": "Disco",
                        "scene": "disco"
                        "name": "Party",
                        "scene": "birthday_party"
                        "name": "Flash",
                        "scene": "flash_notify"
                        "name": "Candle Light",
                        "scene": "candle_flicker"
                        "name": "Police_1",
                        "scene": "police_1"
                        "name": "Police_2",
                        "scene": "police_2"
                        "name": "Alarm",
                        "scene": "alarm"
                        "name": "Gaming",
                        "scene": "gaming"
                        "name": "Night Mode",
                        "scene": "night_mode",
                        "lights": [

    Plugin Config :

    Config Type Description Default
    addResetSwitch bool Should add Reset Switch to reset all scenes. Reset switch will not reset night_mode. true
    shouldTurnOff bool Global Should turn off lights after scene is over. set false if you want lights to go back to their original state true
    pollingInterval number Time in ms, for plugin to poll the light to update HomeKit characteristics 15000
    scenes Array (Object) Scenes Required
    rgb Object (light ID: true/false) Key-Value pair for light Ids you wish to use rgb pallete instead of hsv. Optional
    autoLights Object (light ID: true/false) Key-Value pair for light Ids to let Homekit automations set correct values. Homekit trumps Yeelight State Optional

    Scenes Config :

    Config Type Description Default
    name string Accessory Name Required, Unique
    scene string Scene Name. For lists of scenes refer to Available Preset Scenes Required
    params string Custom Color Flow Params. This parameter is required if scene is custom. Refer to Writing Color Flow params Optional
    lights Array (string) Array of Light Ids to set scene to. All other lights will be ignored. Run scene on all lights
    shouldTurnOff bool Scene Specific Should turn off lights after scene is over. set false if you want lights to go back to their original state Global Value

    Getting Light ID :

    Once your light is connected and displayed on Home App. You can get its light ID by simply looking at Serial Number of the accessory in Home App.


        $ npm run lint

    Reference Documentation :

    Yeelight Official API Documentation

    Need Help ?

    Get Slack Invite =>

    Slack Channel =>

    Slack User => @sahilchaddha


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