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homebridge-yalesyncalarm - Homebridge support for Yale Sync Alarms

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Homebridge plugin for the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm and Yale Smart Home Alarm.


  • Exposes the alarm system as a security system. You can set it to "Home", "Away", "Night" and "Off" modes. Yale alarms only have 3 modes. So both "Home" and "Night" will "part-arm" the system.
  • Contact and motion sensors are exposed in

Please Note

There's currently no way to hook into Yale's push service. It's not possible to get truly realtime updates.

The refreshInterval parameter in config.json is experimental. It causes the plugin to call the Yale API every refreshInterval seconds to get the current state of the alarm and sensors.

If you set refreshInterval to a value less than 1. The automatic update is disabled. In this case switching away from, and back to will refresh the state of the system in


npm install -g homebridge-blink


        "platform": "YaleSyncAlarm",
        "name": "Burglar Alarm",
        "username": "",
        "password": "password",
        "refreshInterval": 10

Building from Source

git clone && cd homebridge-yalesyncalarm && npm install

After running npm install, npm should automatically run npm run build, which runs node_modules/typescript/bin/tsc to compile the typescript files. If it doesn't then you can run either node_modules/typescript/bin/tsc or npm run build.

There are useful configs already included for prettier and Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code is configured to use the version of typescript installed as a development dependency in the npm package.


npm i homebridge-yalesyncalarm

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