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This is Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum plugin for Homebridge. Since Apple Homekit is not supporting vacuum cleaner device yet, this plugin will add the robot as Fan to your Home app.



  • Switch on / off. When off, it will returning to charging dock automatically.

  • Control suction power by adjust the fan speed.

    • Quiet (1 -38%)
    • Balance (39 - 60%)
    • Turbo (61 - 77%)
    • Max Speed (>77%)
  • Display battery level, and notify on low battery.

  • Display battery charging state.


  1. Install required packages.

    npm install -g homebridge-xiaomi-mi-robot-vacuum miio

  2. Remove Mi Robot Vaccum from your Mi Home app.

  3. Press "Power" and "Home" button simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds on your Mi Robot Vacuum to reset the Wi-Fi.


  4. It will advertised a new Wi-Fi spot similar torockrobo-vacumum-v1_xxxx.

  5. Connect your PC to that Wi-Fi network.

  6. Open command prompt or terminal. Run following command to discover the device:

    miio --discover --sync

    Notes: This will take about a minute or two.

  7. Wait until you get output similar to this:

    Device ID: 49466045
    Model info: Unknown
    Token: 6f7a65786550386b755a6b526666744d via auto-token
    Support: Unknown
  8. Record down the value value for Token as we need it later.

  9. Disconnect from robot Wi-Fi network.

  10. Open Mi Home app and add the device as usual.

  11. In Mi Home app, get the Robot Vacuum IP address from General Settings > Network Info.

  12. Add these values to config.json.

      "accessories": [
          "accessory": "MiRobotVacuum",
          "name": "Vacuum Cleaner",
          "ip": "IP_ADDRESS_OF_THE_ROBOT",
          "token": "TOKEN_DISCOVERED_FROM_STEP_7",
          "pause": false

    ​Set "pause" to true or false to display or hide pause button for the vacuum.

  13. Restart Homebridge, and your Mi Robot Vacuum will be added to Home app.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).