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Homebridge plugin for controlling Xiaomi Air Purifier 3/3H


  • Turning device On/Off
  • Change mode to Manual or Automatic
  • Fine tune the Fan Speed using 100 step increments
  • Display the current Fan Speed even in Automatic mode
  • Toggle Child Lock switch to enable/disable manual controls on the device
  • Expose sensors for Air Quality, Temperature and Humidity
  • Configurable PM2.5 AQI Breakpoints
  • Expose Filter Life Level and Filter Change Indication to HomeKit
  • Display device as Idle when the fan speed is the lowest possible
  • Automatically show updates in HomeKit when the device is controlled from outside HomeKit


  1. Install homebridge:
    npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install homebridge-xiaomi-air-purifier3:
    npm install -g homebridge-xiaomi-air-purifier3


"accessories": [
            "accessory": "XiaomiAirPurifier3",
            "name": "Xiaomi Air Purifier",
            "did": "XXXXXXXXX",
            "ip": "10.0.X.X",
            "pm25_breakpoints": [5, 12, 35, 55]


  • accessory: Must always be "XiaomiAirPurifier3" (required)
  • name: Name that will be displayed in your home app (required)
  • did: The device id of the air purifier (required)
  • ip: Ip address of the air purifier (required)
  • token: The device token of the air purifier (required)
  • pm25_breakpoints: PM2.5 aqi breakpoints for air quality levels (optional)

Device id (did) and IP Address (ip)

IMPORTANT: I recommend that you assign a static ip address in order to avoid having your router change the ip address of the device on reboot or when the lease expires.

  1. Is install the miio npm package

    npm install -g miio
  2. Make sure your computer is on the same network with your air purifier, then run following command.

    miio discover
  3. You may need to wait few minutes until you get the response similar to below:

    Device ID: 127261362
    Model info: Unknown
    Token: ???
    Support: Unknown

Device Token (token)

This is no so straight forward but it shouldn't be to hard either. I don't plan to keep and updated tutorial on this but there a lot of good ones online so you can use google to find them.

A very comprehensive one can be found here

PM2.5 AQI Breakpoints (pm25_breakpoints)

In the default Home App, automations are limited to air quality sensor's reported AQI and not on the numeric PM2.5 density.

HomeKit has 5 values for air quality. The air quality sensor will switch between them based on the current PM2.5 density:

  • Excellent: PM2.5 is up to 5
  • Good : PM2.5 is over 5, up to 12
  • Fair : PM2.5 is over 12, up to 35
  • Inferior: PM2.5 is over 35, up to 55
  • Poor: PM2.5 is over 55

You can define your own limits by using the pm25_breakpoints option:

"pm25_breakpoints": [5, 12, 35, 55]

NOTE: You can use 3rd party apps like EveHome or Home+ if you want to create PM2.5 triggered automations.

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